Roads from Rio+20

Which roads to travel to and from Rio+20? The documentary ‘Roads from Rio’ gives insight into the world of experts. Their views, worries and dreams for a hopeful future. ‘The meeting of world leaders takes place within the structures of the past. This means that making powerful decisions is virtually impossible,’ says Maarten Hajer, initiator and maker of ‘Roads from Rio’, during the Dutch conference Rio aan de Maas. ‘Solutions are to be found in creating new coalitions of the willing from North to South.’

Listening to the experts. New horizons emerge. A future without hunger for the bottom one and half billion. A future where we honor our planet instead of using natural resources and ecosystems as products only. A future that is based upon shared values of interdependency and critical needs analysis. Important is the active involvement on all levels: either citizens, companies or government organisations. As Adam Kuleit, Masai warrior from Tanzania puts it: ‘Bridging the gap between the local communities, and the government is crucial for success.’ See also the PBLstudy.

Over Esseline van de Sande

Opmerkelijke Ontmoetingen Wondrous Encounters
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2 reacties op Roads from Rio+20

  1. M zegt:

    Dank voor het delen van deze film! Het geeft inspiratie. Met z’n allen kunnen we wat veranderen; laat de sterke groepsdynamiek voor (en niet tegen) ons werken…

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