The Blue Peace

Looking at the Arab awakening in the Middle-East all attention is drawn towards the political developments in the region and the consequences for people and human rights. Another important problem seems to be overlooked. Water. The report The Blue Peace is calling upon political decision makers to break the current deadlock and enable them to harnass water resources for peace and socio-economic development.

Crucial is the concept of circles of cooperating watercouncils. Like the Northern circle would consist of Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon. Integrating water resource management for rivers like the Euphrates, Tigris and others. ‘In this way water becomes a resource in a holistic perspective rather than treating it as an issue of trans-boundary concern to any particular basin.’

Just like in Rio+20 a collective approach is the answer to realize the future we want for all. A shift in values should come from governments, companies and citizens. ‘Rethinking water in the Middle East is a tool and opportunity for development and peace.’ A farmer along the borders of the Euphrates agrees: ‘The earth is tired, we are tired, it is time for action, let’s put our hands together and start now!’

Over Esseline van de Sande

Auteur, Stadspsycholoog & oprichter directeur De Stadscoalitie Author, Urban Psychologist & founding director The City Coalition
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