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Context matters?

Listening to music of Khaled Khaled Arabic rhythms embrace French words. Europe is already announcing itself. The bitter sweetness of Turkish coffee is consoling me to let go, to disentangle and move. The upcoming sun sheds light onto the seven … Lees verder

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Umm Ali

The ruffle of war is resonating louder and louder through the whole Middle-East rippling out on the globe with the war planes already landing on a Cypriot base. Like many I find myself surfing on the Jordanian internet from one to the … Lees verder

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45 words for Love

While a caravan of impressions in Jordan finds its way through the mountains I close my eyes seeing so many signs of love and hope. A man is holding the hand of his son nurturing him with confidence, warmth and … Lees verder

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Turning a Blind Eye

Why does it have to get so awkward, extremely painful and messy in Syria and the Middle-East? Are the Syrians turning into barbarians? In each discussion with people in the West this comes up, as though it is something having mainly … Lees verder

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Eye of the Storm

Following the deadly chemical attack on many more than 500 Syrian civilians in Al Ghouta yesterday, the atmosphere of devastation today here in Jordan is tangible. People are mourning. There is a kind of numbness in the day just like … Lees verder

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In Peace, In War

In peace sons and daughters bury their fathers and mothers; In war fathers and mothers bury their sons and daughters. IN LOVING REMEMBERANCE OF THE SYRIANS IN AL GHUTA In the chemical attack yesterday 21th of August 2013  many more than 500 … Lees verder

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Enigma of Syria

Creating ‘The Room of Listening’ for the Syrians, Jordanians and Palestinians, Muslims and Christians these days inspires discussion, dialogue and new input. Or as Jimi Hendrix puts it: ‘Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens.’ The social psychologist in me notices that a bridge seems to … Lees verder

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