Miraculous Coffee

The quietness of Friday morning, here a kind of Sunday feeling, makes the traffic flow easy through Amman. The road meanders between the mountains. In a little village we pass a petrol station. We stop in front of the station and wait for a friend that will show us the way to the family we are visiting. Finding the way in the Middle-East is a collective happening. There are general signs for directions and main streets do have names, but often people don’t really use them. When you ask for directions especially in the countryside don’t be surprised that someone will offer to hop in the back of your car to show you the right way and walk or hike back himself. Our friend arrives and we follow him along the hidden road, intricate left and right turns, little alleys and sandy tracks.
His house is build on a steep hill, overlooking the West bank at one side, the castle of Ajloun on the other side. The landscape has a feel of Toscana, though a little more steep and rough. Cedar trees, olive orchards and red earth. White and pink bougainvilleas also called ‘majnoun’, the crazy one because of their ever abundant blooming flowers. A fresh breeze lifts the summerheat. IMG_3710
Sitting together. A group of old and new friends. Sharing stories of life, stories of work and inspiration, stories of loss and grieve. We connect with each other while drinking coffee. Sweetened Turkish coffee. One of the remains of Ottoman ruling that is still present throughout the region: Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. One of the women offers to ‘read our cups.’  A tradition that is common here and an art that she masters. Even drinking coffee together doesn’t end with an empty cup. People are ready to give you the right directions, if you are open to receive and listen without reservation. After finishing drinking your coffee, you turn your cup upside down. The remains of the soft coffee mixture drip down into the saucer. ‘You let the cup dry for a little while and then I will be able to interpret the signs at the inside of the cup,’ explains the reader. Sharing stories creates a magical bond and deepens the relations. It turns out that the readings hold important messages for each one of us. Also for me, I receive essential directions: Miraculous!

Over Esseline van de Sande

Opmerkelijke Ontmoetingen Wondrous Encounters
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  1. Diederick zegt:

    Haha, koffiedik kijken! Leuk! Ben benieuwd wat het jouw te vertellen had! Leuk om te lezen Esseline, heel leuk! Ik kan de sfeer goed proeven. Prachtig hoe je de details om je heen beschrijft… Wat een gave!

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