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Belly Button

Leaving the centre of Amman at an early hour, the city almost feels like a village. The seven hills have the miraculous power to create little niches of peace and quiet that is harboured even at rush hour when the highways … Lees verder

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The world loves Syria

While I am lighting a light for Syria I am aware of how the global political turmoil can almost pull us away from what is real. Children in a local primary school here in The Hague are lighting a light for … Lees verder

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Light for Syria

What more has to happen in Syria? After the deadly chemical attack on Al Ghouta the total death toll of Syrians has reached more than thirty three times 9-11. Imagine how long a list of 100.000 names would be, not to … Lees verder

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Toys for the Boys

In the fog of war opinion makers worldwide tumble over each other to argument and discuss over a possible intervention in Syria. The editorial board of the New York Times writes: ‘More answers are needed on Syria. Despite the pumped-up threats … Lees verder

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