The world loves Syria

While I am lighting a light for Syria I am aware of how the global political turmoil can almost pull us away from what is real. Children in a local primary school here in The Hague are lighting a light for Syria, every day at midday Syrian time (11hr in the Netherlands). ‘When you drop a pebble into a pond, ripples spread – Shusterman. In some small way, it’s never the same again.’ When the children come home with their friends, one of them shares with a glowing face: ‘We were silent today for Syria.’

This vibe of connection of being part of something bigger than yourself is nourishing. The main-stream news tries to entice us to take a stance in the fog of war. Looking left, looking right. Which way to go? Back in the society in the Netherlands most people when they see me immediately ask about the Syrians. ‘How can I help, give support? Yes I want to join in lighting a light for Syria. I want to hear stories of the Syrian refugees in Jordan.’ People want information, they want to listen and share their support for the Syrian people. The Apostolic Community and ‘Wereldwijd voor Kinderen’ gather money and move 250 children to make drawings for the Syrian children in Jordan. 250 drawings and 1572 colouring pencils travel as a ‘postillion d’amour’ in order to radiate a message of connection and love. ‘The flap of butterfly wings can cause a hurricane of love and reconciliation.’


When I share the photo of the key people are deeply moved, connecting to the deep grief and sadness. ‘How can I still give money to the Syrian refugees in Jordan?’ Join the Buy one, Give one a campaign from Wakawakalight to bring actual light to the Syrian refugees. Politically also people here keep pondering the situation and turning questions over in their mind. What is really going on in Syria? Who is profiting in the midst of this misery? Who gains? Who?

I come to realize more and more it is all about light. About shedding light on developments. What to connect to? To the darkness or to the light? Over the past weeks I have encountered so many inspirational people, young and old, all working together to break down stereotypes, sharing experiences full of hope, contributing to a different future. As it is said in the environmental arena: ‘Sharing is the new owning.’

It is important to keep sharing these stories affirming the positive that is present in any society. From this perspective it is a relief to find one of America’s famous political comedians Jon Stewart in his daily show slamming the Red Line on Syria, begging Cable News to carry out an ‘Idiot Parade.’ Please watch it by clicking on Jon Stewart to break down your American stereotypes.

The mantra that keeps singing in my head is: ‘My name is Syria. There is little difference between us. We breathe the same air, we share the same earth, we share the same color of our blood.’ When visiting the Dutch Red Cross I discover that there has been a campaign last year in the Netherlands. ‘Open your heart for Syria.’ ‘The Syrians of the Syrian Red Crescent, (Hilal al-Ahmar), were extremely moved when they received an overview of the portraits of Dutch people opening their hearts and hands for the Syrians,’ shares one of the people of the Dutch Red Cross who was there as a witness. Remember people all over the world care about Syria and their generous people.

In Jordan another intiative is just about to start that involves children from all over the globe showing in their own language: ‘I care about Syria.’ In Dutch: ‘Ik geef om Syrië.’


As I continue my search of light for Syria I seems to me that in fact the majority of world citizens realises this concept of oneness. Someone shows me the initiative of Ronny Edry about Israel and Iran, a love story. Thank you Ronny you gave me the final little push to combine things and discover the truth again:’The world loves Syria!’

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2 reacties op The world loves Syria

  1. Good times Asal, thank you very mutch for caring, you are great and I want you to know we in Jordan are sharing almost every thing with our Syrian refugee brothes our homes food clothes every thing and we pray that God almighity finishes this ordeal very soon peacfully. Thank you again and wish you all the best and prosperous life.
    Dr. Amin Shishtawi

    • Esseline van de Sande zegt:

      Salaam ya Dr Shistawi, How wonderful to find you again! Next time I am in Jordan I am happy to visit.
      I hope you are well, sending love to your family.
      Your grandson by now will be a lot bigger,
      Ma Salamah

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