Light on Light, نُوْرٌ عَلَى نُوْرٍ

Syrian Refugees in Jordan reaching for light at the Dead Sea

War has been raging in Syria for almost three years. Starting today December 13, 2013, WakaWaka is shining sustainable light on dark and forgotten situations at the start of the campaign, Solar for Syria: Against All Odds.

7 million Syrians have fled to areas within and around their home country. Families such as yours have left their homes and belongings, lost loved ones and have been wounded physically or mentally.

The Syrian refugees live in dreadful conditions and are been deprived of their daily activities. According to the United Nations, this is the worst humanitarian crisis since the Rwandan genocide in 1994.

December is the month of light. Bring light and electricity to the Syrians: Buy One, Give One. For every light you purchase for yourself, you will light up the life of a Syrian family and provide them with the ability to charge their mobile phone and stay connected with their loved ones. In Arabic we call this ‘Nour ala Nour:’ Light to light!

WakaWaka ensures that every light arrives where it is needed most. The distribution is coordinated through the collaboration between the International Rescue Committee and the Dutch refugee organization, Stichting Vluchteling.

Despite the great internal cultural differences within Syria, the fact remains that 4.5 Syrian refugees are being housed by their Syrian neighbors. This is a sign of great solidarity and hospitality. The Syrians are also our neighbors and they deserve our support. Give light, give it now!

Over Esseline van de Sande

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