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The Power of Silent Diplomacy

Low-hanging clouds hide snowy mountains and the light of the upcoming sun. While the plane descends I wonder how Switzerland has always been able to guard its neutral position. It must be the geographical setting as these sharp, bare range … Lees verder

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Light on Light, نُوْرٌ عَلَى نُوْرٍ

War has been raging in Syria for almost three years. Starting today December 13, 2013, WakaWaka is shining sustainable light on dark and forgotten situations at the start of the campaign, Solar for Syria: Against All Odds. 7 million Syrians … Lees verder

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Alles Goed? All Right?

‘Alles Goed?’ a typical Dutch question written in Arabic letters. A project with designers working closely together on the successful Dutch exhibition El Hema shows not only the power of creation when cultures cooperate. It is also a wink to the past as … Lees verder

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The world loves Syria

While I am lighting a light for Syria I am aware of how the global political turmoil can almost pull us away from what is real. Children in a local primary school here in The Hague are lighting a light for … Lees verder

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Context matters?

Listening to music of Khaled Khaled Arabic rhythms embrace French words. Europe is already announcing itself. The bitter sweetness of Turkish coffee is consoling me to let go, to disentangle and move. The upcoming sun sheds light onto the seven … Lees verder

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Umm Ali

The ruffle of war is resonating louder and louder through the whole Middle-East rippling out on the globe with the war planes already landing on a Cypriot base. Like many I find myself surfing on the Jordanian internet from one to the … Lees verder

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My name is Syria

The call to prayer joins me as I walk into an open garage in Amman where people have dedicated their time to sorting donated clothes, shoes, kitchenware, milkpowder, diapers and medical items bought from donations like wheelchairs and crutches. Bags are carefully filled, items counted, sizes … Lees verder

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