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Eye of the Storm…

On the 26th of November at Humanity House we find ourselves in the Eye of the Storm listening to ‘Voices from within’, voices of activists from Syria. Organized bij CCSD the Centre for Civil Society and Democracy to strengthen the civil society … Lees verder

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Luister naar het Midden-Oosten

Nederland moet zich druk maken over wederopbouw, niet over F-16’s, menen Tineke Bennema en Esseline van de Sande. Dit opiniestuk stond op 12 februari jl. in TROUW Misschien zijn we het vergeten maar Nederland verkeert in oorlog sinds september 2014. Onder … Lees verder

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Syria: What can we do?

Is Geneva II a band aid that aims to stop an immense wound from bleeding? Is it a fruitful initiative that attempts to support the Syrian peace proces? A lot of people all over the world seem very critical and have … Lees verder

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The Power of Silent Diplomacy

Low-hanging clouds hide snowy mountains and the light of the upcoming sun. While the plane descends I wonder how Switzerland has always been able to guard its neutral position. It must be the geographical setting as these sharp, bare range … Lees verder

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Morsi or Mercy?

An afternoon in Amman, the sky trembles of summerheat, the air is dusty. Wild flowers tempt me to smell and pick them at the side of the road. Walking back home I pass the Egyptian embassy. Something is going on… A truckload … Lees verder

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