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Light to Gaza

“The highest level of living is giving” is the acting motto of Hands-On Hope one of the NGO’s in Jordan that is building hope and community. In Amman I meet Jacki the women behind Hands-On Hope. With radiating eyes she explains … Lees verder

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Gewapend met Licht

De beelden uit Syrië tonen dagelijks strijd, geweld, marteling, verminking, dood en uithongering. Overweldigende beelden waar iedere kijker zich moeilijk toe verhoudt en mee kan of wil verbinden. Chris Klep, militair historicus, betoogt in Trouw van 18 maart jl. ‘dat … Lees verder

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Alles Goed? All Right?

‘Alles Goed?’ a typical Dutch question written in Arabic letters. A project with designers working closely together on the successful Dutch exhibition El Hema shows not only the power of creation when cultures cooperate. It is also a wink to the past as … Lees verder

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Belly Button

Leaving the centre of Amman at an early hour, the city almost feels like a village. The seven hills have the miraculous power to create little niches of peace and quiet that is harboured even at rush hour when the highways … Lees verder

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Eye of the Storm

Following the deadly chemical attack on many more than 500 Syrian civilians in Al Ghouta yesterday, the atmosphere of devastation today here in Jordan is tangible. People are mourning. There is a kind of numbness in the day just like … Lees verder

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In Peace, In War

In peace sons and daughters bury their fathers and mothers; In war fathers and mothers bury their sons and daughters. IN LOVING REMEMBERANCE OF THE SYRIANS IN AL GHUTA In the chemical attack yesterday 21th of August 2013  many more than 500 … Lees verder

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Enigma of Syria

Creating ‘The Room of Listening’ for the Syrians, Jordanians and Palestinians, Muslims and Christians these days inspires discussion, dialogue and new input. Or as Jimi Hendrix puts it: ‘Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens.’ The social psychologist in me notices that a bridge seems to … Lees verder

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