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Father Light

In the soft-pink light of the evening pigeons swarm around, decorating the Jordanian sky. They move freely in circles, as one collective. On a few of the rooftops the ‘hmeimati’, pigeon fanciers perform their art; waving a flag on a large stick … Lees verder

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Morsi or Mercy?

An afternoon in Amman, the sky trembles of summerheat, the air is dusty. Wild flowers tempt me to smell and pick them at the side of the road. Walking back home I pass the Egyptian embassy. Something is going on… A truckload … Lees verder

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My name is Syria

The call to prayer joins me as I walk into an open garage in Amman where people have dedicated their time to sorting donated clothes, shoes, kitchenware, milkpowder, diapers and medical items bought from donations like wheelchairs and crutches. Bags are carefully filled, items counted, sizes … Lees verder

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Seven Widows

Racing through Amman on an almost flying carpet. The little car of the Sheikh finds its way magically through the traffic jams. Climbing the stairs of a building where high pitched childrens voices swirl around in the stairhouse like butterflies in May. … Lees verder

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Amman: Safe Haven

Just landed in Amman: a safe haven for so many refugees, Syrians, Palestinians, Iraqi, Egyptians, Libyans. The second time here, gathering stories that need to be told. Stories of hope and sadness, of love, passion and life, stories of the effects … Lees verder

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