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Stereotypes and beyond

Flowing with the seasons it seems natural to resonate the spirit of ‘turning inwards’ just like trees in winter dress are revealing their basic structure. I find myself pounding the question: What is the structure behind stereotypes? How are they … Lees verder

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Vooruit! #NvdV2014

‘Wat?! 40 kilometer lopen van Rotterdam naar Den Haag? De vlucht uit Syrië heb ik dan wel overleefd maar dit wordt de nekslag!’ verzucht Hassan. Over mijn schouder geeft hij een dikke knipoog aan Jaad. Samen met deze twee Syriërs, die … Lees verder

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Gewapend met Licht

De beelden uit Syrië tonen dagelijks strijd, geweld, marteling, verminking, dood en uithongering. Overweldigende beelden waar iedere kijker zich moeilijk toe verhoudt en mee kan of wil verbinden. Chris Klep, militair historicus, betoogt in Trouw van 18 maart jl. ‘dat … Lees verder

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Syria: What can we do?

Is Geneva II a band aid that aims to stop an immense wound from bleeding? Is it a fruitful initiative that attempts to support the Syrian peace proces? A lot of people all over the world seem very critical and have … Lees verder

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The Power of Silent Diplomacy

Low-hanging clouds hide snowy mountains and the light of the upcoming sun. While the plane descends I wonder how Switzerland has always been able to guard its neutral position. It must be the geographical setting as these sharp, bare range … Lees verder

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Light on Light, نُوْرٌ عَلَى نُوْرٍ

War has been raging in Syria for almost three years. Starting today December 13, 2013, WakaWaka is shining sustainable light on dark and forgotten situations at the start of the campaign, Solar for Syria: Against All Odds. 7 million Syrians … Lees verder

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Syrian refugees in Duinrell

We enter the Dutch theme park, Duinrell, in a drizzling November rain. I am on my way together with a colleague to visit Syrian refugees who have recently arrived in the Netherlands. They are temporarily housed in the bungalows of the park. … Lees verder

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Alles Goed? All Right?

‘Alles Goed?’ a typical Dutch question written in Arabic letters. A project with designers working closely together on the successful Dutch exhibition El Hema shows not only the power of creation when cultures cooperate. It is also a wink to the past as … Lees verder

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The world loves Syria

While I am lighting a light for Syria I am aware of how the global political turmoil can almost pull us away from what is real. Children in a local primary school here in The Hague are lighting a light for … Lees verder

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Toys for the Boys

In the fog of war opinion makers worldwide tumble over each other to argument and discuss over a possible intervention in Syria. The editorial board of the New York Times writes: ‘More answers are needed on Syria. Despite the pumped-up threats … Lees verder

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